Nonviolent Action Arm

Proposal: A Nonviolent Action Arm for Voices of Humanity

candleNonviolence has proved itself a “force more powerful” for social justice and freedom. There is no saying it cannot work, too, for climate change, disarmament and individual fulfillment.

We need action, nonviolent action, to promote the goals that Voices of Humanity espouses. My proposal is that every month, at the new moon, when we choose winning messages for each of the Voices of Humanity, for women, for men, for youth, middle-aged and seniors, and for humanity-as-one, that a #nonviolence community of participants join together to take action to support the thoughts expressed in the overall winning message.

Clearly we do not want to become mindless obedient servants of the great all-knowing Voice of Humanity-as-One! But we could undertake to consider the winning message and see if we can come to an agreement about a global action to support the author’s ideas. This action might be demonstrating in the street, but it might just as well be writing letters to the editor in a concerted campaign.

If you are interested to participate in this endeavor, please join the @nonviolence community in the Voices of Humanity – Order Out of Chaos forum.

Voices of Humanity is an instrument for a human unity that also promotes diversity. As such it provides the underpinning for a successful Great Transition. But that Great Transition requires a Global Citizens Movement (GCM) to bring it about. The Nonviolent Action Arm of the Voices of Humanity could be a scaffold for the building of the GCM.

Thanks much,

— Roger Eaton