Women’s Movement

Voices of Humanity Social Media launched on March 8, 2016 by sending two messages to Executive Director of UN Women Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, one from the participating women and one from the participating men. It was a disappointment, though no surprise that we did not receive a response from Dr. Mlambo-Ngcuka. Sign-up at voh.intermix.org as we continue with a revamped strategy and simplified interface.

The Voices of Humanity Initiative is a crowd-sourced online exchange between the genders and generations, soon to include the nations. The purpose of the “Order Out of Chaos” forum is to foster human unity in the context of gender equality. Each lunar month, the participants select one message from the women, one message from the men, one from youth, middle-aged and seniors, plus an overall message from humanity-as-one. These selected messages are broadcast widely and are available as the topics for the following month. Over the months and years, the genders and generations will weave a tale of love and wit, a welcome story that will build confidence in the future of humanity.

Here is our in-your-face IWD 2017 facebook page.  Please like the page, and follow IWDVoH on twitter.

MayadThe breakout of the genders into the Voice of Women and the Voice of Men will provide the energy to build the network locally, nationally and globally. The Women’s Movement has that energy and because it already transcends the nations and religions, there is no contradiction between its goals and the purpose of the software, which is to build human unity around a global consciousness. More than that, the Women’s Movement stands to gain hugely as civil society adopts the software because the equality of the genders is built in. The idea of a conversation between the voices of humanity suggests itself with the women and the men playing a leading and equal role in the development of directions for civilization, globally, nationally and locally.