The Competition

Voices of Humanity has adopted a threefold approach that supports 1) the individual 2) the collective identities of humanity, and 3) the natural world. Fortunately, we have plenty of competition !-) Here’s the bare beginning of a list.

Charter for Compassion – “make compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world. Embrace the compassion revolution.”

FSG – Collective Impact home. VoH can be the continuous communication agent that makes collective impact work nationally and globally as well as locally.

Great Transition Initiative – engaging mainstream commitment to a life-sustaining society.

Humanianity – “Construct your own basic ethical philosophy (at no cost): share it with others, compare it with those of others, and discuss it with others, as a way to work toward a unifying basic ethical philosophy for our species.”

Humanity’s Team – Humanity’s Team is a global spiritual movement whose purpose is to embody the timeless truth of Oneness, which is essential for responding to the world’s most chronic and acute challenges, and vital for creating a sustainable world of peace and harmony.

It’s Time Network – women for women, for men, for the world using collective impact (CI) beginning with a network of CI chapters in U.S. cities.

Mayors for Peace – huge network of 7400+ cities for nuclear disarmament. Currently this is a network of mayors, but why not have local nuclear disarmament groups in each city? VoH would be perfect to link everyone up globally.

The Pachamama Alliance – Bridging the Indigenous and Modern Worlds

SDG Action Campaign – UN SDG Action Campaign

Simpol – Simultaneous Policy implementation as the smartest way to get there – a highly intelligent set of ideas on how we might change the direction of the world so we don’t go over the cliff.

Soroptimist International – to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment

The United Nations – takes the global view, has great people and some money and the awesome sustainable development goals (SDGs), but is stymied by the veto that the major nuclear armed nations have in the Security Council.

United Nations Association – supports the UN, locally, nationally, globally.

United Religions Initiative – Almost a thousand Cooperation Circles in this interfaith network devoted to exactly the right agenda: “to created cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.”

Unleash – to encourage innovation for the UN SDGs.

WE The World – The WE Campaign of We, The World unites and amplifies the efforts of people, organizations and global movements working for the common good.

Women’s Intercultural Network. Bringing the global local!