The Great Transition

The idea of a Great Transition (GT) dovetails in several ways with the aim and structure of Voices of Humanity (VoH).

  • For one thing, the Great Transition is founded on the belief that we are entering a planetary phase for humanity. The Voice of Humanity-as-One certainly will embody that notion. The need for an emergent global consciousness figures strongly into the thinking behind both GT and VoH.
  • A successful Great Transition will lead to a global society that recognizes the fate of Planet Earth and Humanity as one. Voices of Humanity will implement a Plants and Animals (PandA) program to give nature a Voice alongside the Voice of Humanity-as-one.
  • The Great Transition will implement gender equality, as will Voices of Humanity.
  • Support for all the UN Sustainable Development Goals is packaged into the Great Transition and likewise into Voices of Humanity.
  • The Great Transition will be implemented by a nonviolent Global Citizen’s Movement (GCM). The Nonviolent Action Arm of Voices of Humanity corresponds very well and could serve to build up the GCM.
  • The new global-to-local strategy of Voices of Humanity as of December 2016, together with the VoH software ability to handle geographic levels from local to global, is consonant with the Great Transition strategy of marrying top-down and bottom-up approaches.

A key source for more about the Great Transition is Paul Raskin’s Journey to Earthland, available in pdf format. The site has built momentum in the academic world for its namesake. Much much material well worth reading. Join up to stay on the leading edge.

Andrew Gaines from Australia is putting together a “Great Transition Communication Blitz” for March, 2017 at He has a lot of good ideas and tools, and his strategy seems to be to work through individuals – rather like Voices of Humanity, but focusing on interpersonal outreach rather than online outreach.

Reading suggestions from Andrew Gaines:

Andre Sheldon is gearing up his Global Strategy of Nonviolence with an action date of June 21, 2017 to kick off a three year program. Lots more good ideas here.

John Bunzl has put together an extremely smart great transition strategy that he believes can work within the current international framework. See the SIMPOL Solution. The SIMPOL Solution would seem a positive way forward for the Voices of Humanity Nonviolent Action Arm to take up as part of a roadmap towards human unity.

The Unity-and-Diversity World Council has been aiming for the great transition for decades under the leadership of Rev Leland Stewart. “We the People hereby declare our interdependence — our connection to the Source of All Life and to all life forms. We affirm that diverse individuals, groups, and networks are necessary for the creative development of humanity; and that to strengthen UNITY-AND-DIVERSITY throughout the universe is our individual responsibility and privilege.”

The Humanianity Movement is forging a philosophical route to human unity: an intellectual foundation for what we are working to accomplish.

Voices of Humanity <— In the conversation between the communities of Planet Earth, women and men will use their collective voices to persuade the nations to cooperate. A kindly and intelligent human unity with gender-equality built-in is within our reach! Your participation could make the difference.

The GT logo is thanks to S.K. Moon’s youtube video at – see also – very cool. The individual, society and nature — these three are at the heart of both GT and VoH thinking.