The Ambassador’s role is a serious one.  Please do not apply if you do not plan to spend several hours a week doing outreach locally or over the internet or both.  For now, we will use the Steering Committee forum to coordinate our work.  If you want to get started, reach out to friends who might want to get involved with you.  If you can get a small team of three together, then you are on your way.

There are four steps to become a Voices of Humanity Ambassador.

First, read our Overview and Directions pages.

Second, join the VoH Steering Committee online at and post something there about yourself.

Third, please create a short video of yourself suitable for youtube explaining why you are a Voices of Humanity Ambassador — say 5 minutes or less.  Send a link to  If a video for youtube is not possible, a photo and a paragraph explaining your reasons for becoming a VoH Ambassador will be sufficient.

Roger Eaton, Voices of Humanity Ambassador

Roger Eaton, Voices of Humanity Ambassador

Fourth, after you have completed the first three steps, please fill in the simple questionnaire in order to apply.

Our first Ambassador is Roger Eaton.  New Ambassadors will be listed here and will have their videos posted on our Youtube Channel – please subscribe.