Software Development

See InterMix Directions for the very latest software development roadmap:

InterMix Roadmap in priority order -:

1) Go free and open source (FOSS) – this is DONE – InterMix can be downloaded at github

2) Create a working model than can handle multiple groups, inter-group discussions with decision periods for voting – DONE

3) Recombine the discussion participants into six voices of humanity: Women, Men, Youth, Experience (middle-aged), Wisdom (seniors) and Humanity as One – allow focus on messages from users with selected demographics: gender, age, nation, state or region, metropolitan area, for example women from SF Bay Area, or American youth. – DONE

4) Add standard social media features – wall, invite a friend, follow – expected to be done in April 2013 – DONE

5) Add sub-group capability so groups can have discussions at the committee or project level – DONE

6) Add auto-tweet and auto-facebook of highly rated items from groups and the six voices of humanity – DONE for Twitter but needs rechecking

7) Add ability of groups to import messages from other groups – this allows the creation of a bottom-up hierarchy of groups where every group or network locates itself where it is most comfortable. Add ability for participants to navigate this hierarchy of groups and networks.

8) Implement generalized bottom-up reticulated hierarchy crosscut by networks/geography/subject as well as by the six voices of humanity.

9) Implement automated sending of collective messages from groups to other groups and at the same time allow collective exchange between a few groups mediated by the combined humanity of the groups in alternating rounds: the groups apart each elect a message and then the groups together elect a message representing their common humanity.

10) Build three apps for simple InterMix access: Android, iPhone, Facebook.

11) Make the administrative back end more friendly

12) Implement Make your Gift Work Twice plumbing

13) begin implementing bottom up administration of groups, discussions and decision periods

14) Complete rewrite for greater scalability. Current version is not strong enough to handle more than tens of thousands of participants. For the next iteration we need to be able to handle at least millions. At the same time, the rewrite needs to make InterMix into a peer-to-peer process, so each group or network can have its own instance and keep its email list totally inviolate. This is an expensive proposition that needs a paid team of some three to five full-time excellent technical people for a year – that means we will need some 200 – 400 thousand dollars or an amazing team of volunteer Rails programmers.