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The Honorable Barack Obama
President of the United States

Dear President Obama:

Thank you so very much for your courageous and heartfelt leadership to improve gun laws; for the great global agreement on Climate Change recently achieved in Paris; and for the many other ways you continue to serve and strengthen our nation and world.

In furtherance to your State of the Union Address this Tuesday, and your important administrative and legislative agendas for 2016, I attach photographs from three recent policy advisory text-batches sent to NPR’s The Takeway  show, in response to their stimulating new citizen-input program.  I hope you will find these ideas, expressions, and resources useful for your address and the national agenda: particularly a proper emphasis on the first phrase of the Second Amendment, which clearly stipulates well-regulated. 

Please note that the Declaration of Highest Civic Ideals posted at (under Good Will Documents Offered for All), has been updated to the January 10th edition.  We plan to start offering this Declaration to several Bay Area city councils for initial official endorsements as a start on our global Campaign Good Will Vision.

The Rutgers Climatologist referred to in the texts is Alan Robock, PhD.  The importance of Dr. Robock’s work can hardly be exaggerated. He continues to warn of the Clear and Present Danger of a Nuclear Winter triggered by a relatively small number of actual explosions and the resulting uncontrollable fires that would burn until there is no more fuel.  Our nation should vigorously promote the goal of a Zero Nuclear Weapons future for the safety of all nations and people.

We should also show dynamic leadership for three critical upgrades toward a more fully-democratic United Nations.  The laudable goal of establishing a population-based, representative house for the world is now much more feasible thanks to the Internet.  It is no longer necessary to have all those individual human bodies from every nation meeting regularly in one global location!  Political leadership needs to catch up with our technological capacities, and you can distinguish yourself for all of history by promoting this great ideal which is newly practical.

The current General Assembly can also, rather easily all things considered: be upgraded to a true Senate of Nations where representative are elected directly by their respective peoples. This is not an outlandish goal!  On the contrary, it is an idea whose time has come.  It will be a very graceful way to start transitioning to full democracies for those countries, like Saudi Arabia, which are still under the rule of a king.  In this example, the king can stay a king and keep his pride and tradition while establishing an additional, do-able step of national and international elected representation.  Somebody on the global stage has got to start suggesting this in a big way.  Why not you, Sir?  Why not now?

Finally, there should be established a reasonable legislative override to the present, always-threatening Security Council veto.  As you know, the current veto too often creates paralysis and discouragement.  No large functioning democracy depends on 100% consensus.  Why should the Security Council, of all bodies, remain dysfunctional at a time of ongoing global threats?

The leaders of the five, historical veto-holding nations, including yourself, must stop acting helpless in this regard, if you will forgive me for being so blunt.  Because: the status quo is having the effect of discouraging the people everywhere as to the efficacy and possibility of true global democracy!

The five nations and national leaders who have the freedom and security of the grossly unequal historical power arrangement are precisely those nations therefore responsible to provide corresponding leadership necessary to generate, in this case: consensus among the exclusive power club for a meaningful upgrade.  These are the five who must work most creatively and courageously towards global democratic success.  There is no time to lose.

As you know, Article 109 of the U.N. Charter provides for convening a Charter Review Conference of the Members of the United Nations.  This is equivalent to a Global Constitutional Convention. It can be called at any time with a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly plus any nine members of the fifteen-member Security Council.  Every ten years, the Conference may be convened with a simple majority of the GA plus any seven members of the Security Council.  According to the Congressional Research Office publication written by Louisa Blanchfield, published 2009 December 15 (Page 21): A Charter review conference has never been held. It has now been 70 years.

Your bold leadership to convene such a Conference to consider meaningful upgrades to the United Nations would electrify the hopes of the masses, and particularly: of authentic democratic political activists throughout the world.  Your last year in office, President Obama, is a rare Golden Opportunity for our nation to show the evolutionary leadership required to do the right thing.  Such leadership would also, happily, be shining jewels in your legacy and also that of Secretary of State John Kerry,  U.N. Representative Samantha Power, and others who participate.  Should the conference even build momentum, much less succeed at first, your team will live forever among the Global Greats.  It is your opportunity to be first among the five veto holders to take a stand and encourage the others.  Will you let another of the current five take the lead? Please: don’t be a global lame duck!…Soar like The Eagle you are!

Forgive me for my boldness, born of service; please accept our good-will greetings and encouragements, and also convey them to our First Lady.  I look forward to meeting one or both of you in person should mutual opportunity allow perhaps later this year.

Most sincerely yours for practical unity, harmonious diversity, and all our declared STAR ALLIANCE Highest Civic Ideals,

Peter Bruce DuMont

Founding President-in-Service
STAR ALLIANCE • Since 1985

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