UN Goals as a Scaffold for Local-to-Global Organizing

Voices of Humanity has launched.   On March 8, 2016, we will send our crowd-sourced messages to Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Executive Director of UN Women. Please sign up to participate at voh.c4c.intermix.org.

Elevator Speech: The Voices of Humanity social media gives a collective voice to the genders and ages of humanity.  As women, men, youth, middle aged and seniors, we transcend the nations and religions. These groupings by gender and age naturally support human unity. By giving them each a collective voice, we create that foundation of trust and cooperation that we must have if we are to successfully handle our serious global problems.

Voices of Humanity will build a heartfelt sense of human unity, which makes it a great candidate as a local-to-global network facility for the Goals of the United Nations. The UN Goals in turn will give Voices of Humanity the structure it needs to be useful in a practical way.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169 targets have been adopted at a United Nations Summit on September 25, 2015. The finalized text of the SDGs is only 30 pages – must reading, please! And we must not forget the other great goals of the UN: to end the scourge of war, complete and general disarmament, nuclear disarmament, human rights, global security and a fully respected system of international law. Please see the full write-up on the expected synergy between Voices of Humanity and the SDGs.

Together, the goals of the UN are a formidable platform for local-to-global organizing. Achieving them will require a huge common effort at every level. Skepticism abounds, but achieve them we must for the sake of Earth and humanity, so people everywhere will be looking for ways to connect and cooperate on the venture.  More detail here.

Please participate at voh.c4c.intermix.org.


The Voices of Humanity Community will remake the way humanity sees itself, giving us an all-inclusive global consciousness that has gender equality built in. Voices of Humanity is more than technology — it is also a highly ambitious project. The idea is to empower our common humanity while respecting our differences.  Yes, we love our nations and religions and won’t give them up, but so, too, we see that we are all one human family.

Voices of Humanity is a project of Collective Communication, Inc. (CCI).

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